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Nature Camp - Ages 2-6 Caregiver and Me

  • When: Saturday, November 27, 2021,  9:00 am - 10:00 am
  • Location: Planet Peace Affiliates, 6121 Forestville Rd, Raleigh NC, 27604
  • Cost: $75 for 6 week session

A magical world exists in the forest and gardens of the Planet Peace Affiliates Homestead. In this course, we will gain a new skill each week as we learn about different aspects of nature, animals, gardening & horses. Children will be able to visit and care for horses/ponies, have hands-on time in the gardens, do arts & crafts, learn wilderness skills, and so much more!

*This is a class where a caregiver must attend all classes with the child*

Ages 2-6
Only $75 per child for a full 6-week session! No Class on December 25. Pre-registration required at https://www.ncfarmandforage.com/activities
This is a 6-week, hands-on "caregiver and me" course! Each class typically includes any of the following, with a new nature concept/theme each week!
~ Story/Song/Opening
~ Exercise Lesson/Activity/Games
~ BYO Snack Time
~ Light Hiking Time
~ Open Play Opportunity
~ Craft


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