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Rollerskating STEM! by The Homeschool Experience at United Skates of America Raleigh

  • When: Friday, January 17, 2020, 10:00 am -  1:00 pm
  • Location: United Skates of America Raleigh 2901 Trawick Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina 27604
  • Cost: $10 per student, $8 for adults who want to skate

It's STEM and it's Roller Skating!! Education and Fun, All Rolled Into One!

We will learn about the Newton's Laws of Motion.

Students will learn about Newton's three laws, how they relate to real world experiences and roller skating. They will learn how force and mass play a large role in motion and construct a balloon rocket.

A unique educational experience that gets students EXCITED about learning! Students will learn how the concepts of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATH can be found in everyday experiences, even FUN experiences like ROLLER SKATING!

Our professional STEM Educators teach visiting students about how STEM principles exist in just about every part of life. The lessons focus on hands on activities that are both educational and fun! Lessons are customized based on teachers needs to DIRECTLY RELATE back to classroom learning making this program completely unique! Following the completion of the 1hour STEM Lesson, the students roller skate for physical fitness. While Roller Skating the concepts students learned are continually reinforced.

Our lessons are designed not only to help students overcome their fear of learning STEM concepts but to show how STEM is both FUN & EXCITING!

FUN Physical Fitness!
1 Hour of STEM Education
2 Hours of Physical Fitness through Roller Skating!


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