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Notasium Cary and Durham

Notasium Cary and Durham

Notasium™ is an interactive, music-based play space and school designed to awaken the musician in any child at any age. We have created an interactive, music-based play space that will energize your child’s mind, and exercise their energetic bodies at the same time! From toddlers on up, kids will explore music and its language with different interactive structures filled with sounds, rhythms and symbols. Some of the structures include: a giant guitar where kids can play the notes on the fretboard as they climb up to an adjoining slide which makes a guitar slide sound as they go down; inflatable, enclosed drum structures that kids play as they bounce on them; the “sharp/flat zone” where kids play organ pedal keys with their feet and watch their notes light up on the grand staff in front of them; sound-proofed karaoke/mixing booths; an overhead projection system that turns an enclosed section of the floor space into a giant interactive xylophone among other musical games; Big Lite-Brite-style pegs that allow kids to play notes on the staff; among others.

Durham location: 750 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd., Durham, NC, 919.230.9321
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Educational, Other
1000 Ryan Rd.
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